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Energy and Safety Limited provides a wide variety of industrial garments so that all workers can get their jobs done safely. These include clothing for general industrial, comprehensive chemical, electric arc, non-hazardous exposure, and over garments for secondary protection.


Our industrial garments work well to prevent cuts and abrasions, shield you from electrical shocks, keep liquid splashes off your skin, and preserve other clothing underneath. Employees in many industries use these products, including welders, foundry employees, construction workers, industrial employees, and auto mechanics.


All Types

We have many protective shirts available for men and women. These include styles such as polo shirts, t-shirts, button downs, pullovers, and jackets, all made with protective material ranging from lightweight polyester to heavy duty, triple-stitched fabric. We have unlined or insulated styles for varying temperatures, with features such as reflective stripes for visual protection in dim lighting.


All Types

We also carry a wide variety of pants, jeans, and shorts made from premium fabric that is both durable and easy to move around in. Deep pockets hold even your heaviest tools, and the dirt resistant material keeps them cleaner longer.


Our protective pants offer unbeatable protection in heat, cold, and hazardous environments.



Many auto mechanics, factory workers, and employees from many other industries wear cotton coveralls. We offer them in the highest quality material with several colors and styles to choose from.


These overalls are 100% cotton fabric with a right chest pocket that snaps, bi-swing back, and elastic waist. Get ready for work quickly with this one-piece clothing item that will protect you throughout the day.


Nomex and Resistant

At Energy and Safety Limited, we know fires are unpredictable, with situations that change in seconds. Your workers need to be protected in any scenario—from melting metal to fire and smoke. Our Nomex fire resistant clothing blends 5% Kevlar ® fiber with 95% Nomex ® fiber. They are resistant to breaking open and lighter weight than other fire resistant clothing.


Heat is transferred away from the body and the moisture resistant fabric speeds cooling. We also provide other fire resistant materials for a strong defense in the midst of smoke, flames, and debris.


All Types

We have a wide range of safety hats in stock in assorted colours. We carry:

  • Safety Helmets

  • Aluminium Hard Hat Bracket Visor Lens for Adaptor Standard Face-shield Headgear

  • MSA V Guard Helmets 


All Types

We carry eye protection in assorted styles and shades. We provide the following:

  • Safety Glasses (clear, indoor/outdoor, mirror, dark, blue, yellow) Visor Lens for Face-shield & Aluminium Adaptor for Lens Perforated 220 Goggles

  • Chemical Splash 230 Goggles 

  • Anti-fog Chemical Splash Goggles Face-shield Replacement Lens Eye Cleaning Towelettes Emergency Shower 

  • Emergency Wall Mounted Eye Wash Station Eye wash 


All Types

We carry all of the following:

  • Peltor Standard Fit Ear Muffs

  • Peltor Helmet-Attached Ear Muffs

  • EAR Disposable Ear Plugs with cords

  • EAR Disposable Ear Plugs without cords

  • EAR Reusable Ear Plugs 


All Types

We carry:

  • Rubber Boots - Chemical & Neoprene Steel & Non-Steel Toe Red Wing - Safety Boots & Shoes

  • Wolverine Safety Boots

  • Androx Safety Boots 


All Types

We carry the following:

  • Gloves

  • Leather Workmans

  • Nitrile and PVC Coated Work Gloves

  • Welders 14" and 18"

  • Latex- Powdered, Non-powdered and Nitrile

  • Rigging

  • Medical and Chemical Gloves 


All Types

Energy and Safety Limited carries:

  • Disposable Dust Masks

  • Chemical Respirators and Cartridges

  • Full Face Respirators in:

    • 3M​

    • MSA

    • North


All Types

Energy and Safety Limited also carries:

  • first aid kits;

  • disposable coveralls;

  • boot and shoe covers;

  • rain coats and suits;

  • spill and absorbent pads; and 

  • fire extinguishers.

We guarantee to have all of your safety needs ready for you at our company. 

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